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St. Nicholas Island is in the top 9 most beautiful beaches in Europe

The rating of the best tourist destinations of the Old World was compiled by Forbes magazine. The list also includes the beaches of England, France, Italy, Croatia, Greece and Spain.

Island of St. Nicholas or Sveti Nikola located just a kilometer from Budva. The island got its name from the church, which was built in the 11th century by the crusaders during their campaign against Byzantium. Forty years ago, the church was destroyed by a strong earthquake, but later it was restored.

The island also has a second name - Shkol. Most likely, it came from the Italian word "wall".

It is interesting that the island is connected with the city by a small sandbank and at low tide it is easy to get here on foot. An ancient legend is associated with this. Saint Sava could not get on a ship sailing to Athos due to a severe storm. Then he asked several large stones into the water and through them he reached the galley.

In addition to the temple, Sveti Nikola has several beaches, a pier and a restaurant. The latter gave the area another name, but already popular, - Hawaii.

Before exploring the island, vacationers had a reserve on it with a huge number of relic plants and unique animals. However, now this area is closed to the public.

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