In Montenegro, Sabantuy first took place

Sabantuy was organized by the Russians who moved from Kazan - Rushan Valiev and Ildar Zakirov. Tatar national holiday was arranged on the beach in Tivat.

“The holiday was held on the beach behind the airport. We started with 20 participants, then there were more of them, about 50-60 people. It was a very warm holiday, it was fun. Thanks to the organizers, ”said IA "Tatar-inform" Aidar Garaev, a native of the Muslyumovsky district of Tatarstan, who now lives in Montenegro.

“Since Sabantuy was taking place for the first time, the goal was not to gather many participants. The main thing is that the Tatars come, get to know each other. Traditional games and competitions were held according to local circumstances. For example, they did not fight with bags in a log, but in a boat - the loser fell right into the water.

They brought a real katyk (ed. - curdled milk) I won a T-shirt in a bagging competition. They smashed the pot - though plastic. There was a competition for cutting blindfold prizes. The atmosphere is warm, without officialdom. Tatar songs sounded, we also sang, danced, ”Aydar said. The first Sabantuy passed without a belt wrestling.

Games and vacationers on the beach are also interested. “Rushan’s daughter is studying at a local school, she translated. Montenegrins also joined the holiday. They dived into the skating rink to find a coin, cut prizes, ”Garayev added.

According to Aydar, for the first Sabantuy is very good! In 2010, Aydar bought an apartment in Montenegro, is now engaged in providing services to tourists.

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