At the festival in Podgorica will be treated to watermelons

Ajmo na Moraču sports festival will open in Podgorica on 2 August at 18:00. Games, entertainment and goodies await you at the party.

The authorities invite the townspeople and guests of Podgorica to the Sastavtsi beach, at the mouth of the Ribnitsa at the confluence with the Moraca. The purpose of the holiday is to preserve the tradition of summer holidays on the banks of the rivers that flow in the Montenegrin capital.

Beach volleyball, table tennis, darts and chess competitions are organized for visitors. An entertainment program is also expected. Traditionally, all guests of the holiday will be treated to watermelons.

The sports festival "Aida na Morachu" will be held every weekend until August 25 - from 18:20 to XNUMX:XNUMX.

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