Montenegro selected for the Russian Good Project pilot project

The goal of the project is psychological and social rehabilitation of children who have suffered serious diseases, including cancer. The initiative was presented at the international forum "Orthodox Volunteer Day".

Anna Vorotnikova, a volunteer of the project in Moscow, noted that according to the Russian Pediatric Oncology Single Reference Center, five thousand children in Russia are diagnosed with oncological diseases every year. Almost 90% of children can be cured. But during illness and treatment, they lose contact with their peers, become dependent, feel fear and guilt for their illness. The "Good Sea" program is aimed at the rehabilitation of children in Montenegro. Its goal, according to Alina Titova, is to support children and their families, to help cope with the psycho-social consequences of serious illnesses of children and their families. This is reported on the website

In the first shift, scheduled for October, a therapeutic recreation program will be developed for each family. Creative workshops, joint sports and intellectual events aimed at revealing talents, getting rid of fears and stiffness, and developing communication skills will be organized in the "Good Sea" camp. Throughout the entire rehabilitation session, specially trained volunteers from Dobroe Delo, psychologists, medical workers and volunteers will work with the children. The stay in the camp for families will be free, they noted on the form, which took place in Germany.

For the first shift, Konstantin Sedov, founder and head of the Hospital Clowns charitable organization, will come to the children at the Good Sea Camp. The organization's employees - professional actors, directors and musicians - regularly visit children in hospitals in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don and Orel. Hospital clowns help in the rehabilitation of inpatient children by means of clowning, art therapy and game therapy.

The annual international forum "Orthodox Volunteer Day" has been held in German cities since 2015. Last year it took place in Darmstadt. The organizer is the Good Deed Orthodox diaconal service, established in 2012 with the blessing of Archbishop Theophanes of Berlin and Germany (Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate) and Mark of Berlin and Germany (Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia). The main task of Dobroe Delo is to support seriously ill children and adults who come for treatment from Russia and the CIS countries.

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