Rest on the most expensive beach in Montenegro costs 120 euros

For this price, you can rent two sun loungers with an umbrella on the Royal Beach near Sveti Stefan (next to Villa Milocer). The same amount will cost two nights in a good apartment in Budva.

For a holiday in the neighborhood, on the Queen's beach, you need to pay a little less - 100 euros. Admission is free for Aman Sveti Stefan guests.

On other beaches of the Budva Riviera, prices are much lower. For example, renting two sun loungers with an umbrella in Pržno will cost 25 euros. The rest on the beaches in Budva is similar.

To sunbathe comfortably on the Kamenovo beach, you need to pay 20 euros. On "Yaza" the cost of renting sun loungers and an umbrella ranges from 10 to 35 euros.

On the Barskaya Riviera, prices are much lower - from 5 to 10 euros.

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