Since the beginning of the year, 67 million euros have been invested in Montenegro real estate

The amount of real estate investments increased by 5,8% compared to the same period last year, the country's Central Bank reports.

Invested in local companies and banks 99,9 million euros, which is almost 2 times more than from January to May 2018. As a result, 166,9 million euros were invested in the share capital of Montenegrin enterprises and organizations.

The share of intercompany debt decreased to 80,3 million euros. Thus, in the first five months, the total influx of foreign direct investment in Montenegro amounted to 257 million euros.

The outflow of capital was reduced to 127,7 million euros - 37,7% less than a year earlier. Thus, the net inflow of FDI into the Montenegrin economy reached 129,3 million euros - 115% more than in the first five months of 2018.

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