Montenegro bans smoking in catering establishments

The ban comes into force on Wednesday, August 14. The law applies to enclosed spaces where food and beverages are consumed.

Establishment owners can arrange a separate smoking room. Moreover, it must be isolated and have an area of ​​at least 10 square meters. m.

The new law does not apply to casinos. Gambling establishments are already required to buy special ventilation equipment and air purifiers.

“We always have problems with individuals. I personally respect someone who wants to have a glass of good wine with a cigarette. But he should also understand that not everyone likes smoke and he will have to obey the law, ”stressed Vido Markicevic, chairman of the Budva Restaurateurs Association.

Many citizens and catering establishments support the law. However, at first there will be problems with its implementation, the media say.

“When you come as a visitor to a European Union country, you see that local cafes either have smoking rooms or they go outside. We must understand that the times that we had before must change, ”Markicevic said.

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