Montenegro plans to install 73 speed cameras

Speed ​​control cameras are planned to be installed in addition to road patrols, which daily stop attackers on Montenegrin roads. Although this idea has been talked about for almost three years, it has not been implemented due to a lack of money in the budget. The required investment amount is 2,2 million euros.

At the moment, Montenegro is the only country in the region that does not have a fixed radar system. She helps police control traffic, especially during the tourist season.

Stationary radar systems will take precedence in areas and places where traffic accidents occur particularly frequently.

“Their need was confirmed when in just 24 hours we had more than 20 traffic accidents, unfortunately fatal,” said Rasko Konevich, deputy president of the Social Democratic Party and deputy of the Montenegrin parliament.

The implementation of these systems will reduce the need for police officers to be present. This will save the budget needed for investment.

“We will certainly propose a similar amendment in a few months when it comes to approving the budget for 2020,” Konevich said.

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