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Sutomore wants to separate from Bar

In Sutomore, they received approval for a referendum on the restoration of the status of opshtina - an independent administrative entity.

The Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro considers the formation of a new opshtina irrational. This will require additional government spending to create a separate administration and to hire employees. The city will not be able to independently finance the work of the new authority. The position of the department was set out at a meeting of Minister Suzana Pribilovich with the initiative group.

However, the approval of the residents of Sutomore for the formation of opshtina is not enough. By law, a referendum is held throughout the municipality. And the Sutomore branch should be supported by the rest of the residents of Barskaya opshtina, which now includes the city.

Sutomore already had opshtina status until 1956, local media remind. But after that it was deprived of independent administrative powers.

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