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To the most beautiful cave of Montenegro, a cable car will be built

Dzhalovića pećina (Đalovića pećina) - the largest cave in Montenegro - is located 30 km from the town of Bijelo Polje. It is known for beautiful limestones, mineral crystals and stalactites (icicles) 3 m or more long.

The length of the cave is about 18 km. At the same time, only about 12 km were explored. Tourists will discover a small part, just over 800 m long. The visitor area will include nine halls and ten terraces of natural origin.

The cable car will run from the village of Podvrh. Its length is 1,7 km. The capacity is 75 people per hour. Two gondolas are designed for eight tourists each. The construction of the cable car will cost 3,9 million euros.

The total investment in the tourism project will reach 18 million euros. Along with the cable car, access roads, an electrical substation and other infrastructure will be built.

When traveling to the cave, tourists will be able to visit the village of Pdvrh. Here is a monastery with the church of St. Nicholas. The temple, similar to a village house, was built in the XVII century. It is famous for its frescoes painted in 1613 and the ancient gospels published in the XNUMXth century.

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