The costs of maintaining the property

Property tax in Montenegro

Mandatory for all homeowners, the annual property tax in Montenegro is quite low. It is 0,08-1,0% of the estimated cadastral value.

Local authorities (communities) independently determine the amount of tax, which depends on such factors:

  • home location;
  • the area of ​​the building (apartment);
  • the presence of additional extensions.

For foreign citizens living in the zone of tourist activity, the Montenegrin authorities also imposed an additional tourist tax (fee). Its value is 10-15% of the annual real estate tax.


Utility payments

Utility payments for property owners in Montenegro are paid on the basis of meter readings. All invoices are mailed. There is also the possibility of advance payment. Utility payments include receipts for:

  • electricity;
  • water;
  • garbage removal.

The price of a kilowatt of electricity in Montenegro is calculated using a two-tariff system:

  • at night - 3 € per 100 kW;
  • in the afternoon - 6 € per 100 kW;
  • monthly fee for using the power grid - 3 € per calendar month.

If your account debts exceed 200 €, a power outage is possible.

The cost of water in Montenegro depends on the region of residence. In the tourist capital of the country - the Budva Riviera, it is:

  • 2,70 € per cubic meter;
  • 8 € - monthly fee.

There is no centralized heating and gas supply in cities.

Additional expenses - garbage collection. On average, the owner of the apartment pays for this service 5 € per month, for a private house - 10-12 €.


Other property costs in Montenegro

They consist of paying bills:

  • for cable television and the Internet;
  • cost of services of a management company;
  • cleaning of a septic tank and the services of a sewer.

The cost of the connected Internet depends on the chosen tariff. On average, the pleasure of talking on the World Wide Web costs € 15-20 per month. Some mobile operators provide 3G-4G Internet for 16 € per month. The service package includes traffic in the amount of 10 GB. A single purchase of a modem costs the buyer 20 €.

Cable TV fee an average of 10-15 € per month. The amount in the receipt may vary slightly depending on the operator’s package and the number of broadcast channels. Russian channels can also be watched for a very reasonable fee - 11-29 € per package.

Property Maintenance Cost in Montenegro, a specialized management company is rather small. The price range for such services is 0,5-2,5 € per m² of housing area per month.

Services of a cesspool truck for cleaning a septic tank in a private house estimated at 200 €. They are usually ordered twice a year.



Maintain real estate in Montenegro - affordable and convenient. The main expenses of the owners are:

  • annual tax of up to 1% of the appraised value of housing;
  • tourist tax;
  • utilities (electricity and water);
  • payment for the services of a specialized management company.


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