Montenegro rose to 50th place in the ranking of prosperity

The Legatum Prosperity Index is published annually by the British Legatum Institute. The study has been published since 2006. Its purpose is to study public welfare on a global scale.

Montenegro ranks best in terms of security (46th), investment environment (49) and governance (50). According to other criteria, the position of the country is worse: “Personal freedoms” (55), “Social capital” (73), “The level of economic development” (80), “Health” (91) and “Natural environment” (105).

Nevertheless, as noted by local media, Montenegro is gradually rising in the ranking. Last year she was 51st, and the year before last - 52nd.

The index is topped by Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany, Luxembourg and Iceland. Russia is in 74th place.


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