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National and natural parks of Montenegro

National parks make up almost a third of Montenegrin territory. There are 5 natural parks in Montenegro and all of them are under the protection of UNESCO.

1. Skadar Lake National Park

Here, travelers will discover the unique flora and fauna of the largest freshwater reservoir in the Balkans. The lake is home to over 250 species of birds and over 50 species of fish.

Skadar Lake. Skadar Lake
Skadar Lake National Park

2. Lovcen Natural Park

The mountain of the same name, located on the coast near Kotor, is a symbol of Montenegro and one of the most significant places for its inhabitants. At its peak is the mausoleum of Peter Negush - the country's greatest statesman.

Lovcen Natural Park

3. Natural park Biogradska Gora

Known for its glacial lakes and virgin forests, in which many rare plants grow, and wild animals live.

Biogradska Gora National Park and Biogradsko Lake

4. The Prokletie massif

In the Prokletiye massif, magnificent nature is ideally combined with outdoor activities - rock climbing and hang gliding. History connoisseurs will see ancient monasteries and ruins of fortresses here, and eco-tourism lovers will appreciate the rest in village houses where you can get acquainted with local traditions and original culture.

Massif Prokletie

5. Durmitor National Park

It is a favorite of tourists. There are 18 cleanest glacial lakes, 750 mountain springs with healing water, majestic mountain peaks covered with centuries-old pine trees and much more.

Durmitor National Park

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