The beaches of Montenegro: what you need to know

What are the most popular beaches in Montenegro, where are they and what every tourist and beach lover needs to know.

Beaches Budva
Sandy beaches with a gentle entry into the water are the most popular among tourists and these are the places to stay that prevail in the Budva Riviera. The most famous of them is Slavic beach, located in the center of Budva.

Beaches Bar
In the city itself there is a large pebble beach Topolitsa, in a nearby suburb - Zhukotrlitsa beach, where there are always a lot of people. In the direction of Sutomore you will find the Red Beach, named for the special shade of pebbles and sand on the shore.

Beaches Petrovac
Despite the fact that sand and gravel cover prevails here on the seashore, it is here that families most often go on vacation. The main beaches are Luchitsa and Bulyaritsa.

Beaches Kotor
You should go to this area for amazingly beautiful landscapes that you can admire endlessly, but the beaches of the Kotor Riviera are not so convenient for swimming. The most popular is the city beach of Kotor - Kindness. We also note the beaches of Bayova Kula, the city beach of Perast and the beach of Risan.

Beaches Tivat
Concrete beaches predominate in Tivat, but there are also places with a sand and pebble coating, for example, the small city beach of Belan. But the coast here is with nice small pebbles and with affordable prices for equipment rental.

Beaches Ulcinj
The southernmost region of Montenegro is famous for its clean sandy beaches. It is believed that the grayish-colored sand that covers the seashore has healing properties and is useful for people with joint problems.

Tourists usually go to the Great Beach - this is a huge 13-kilometer stretch of coast with low prices for rental equipment (about 5 euros per set). Immediately after the Great Beach, which stretches to the mouth of the Buna River, the beach of Ada Boyana begins.

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