New hotel in the framework of the program “Citizenship through Investments in Montenegro”

Hotel Breza in Kolasin - the latest real estate project approved by the program “Citizenship through investment in Montenegro”.

The luxurious 5-star Breza Hotel will be located in the heart of Kolasin in northern Montenegro. At an altitude of almost 1000 m above sea level, surrounded by majestic lakes and mountains. This region is world famous for its air quality and is valued worldwide for its unsurpassed purity, serenity and natural beauty.

Hotel Breza offers Montenegrin citizenship to investors and their families when investing in free ownership starting from 250 euros (including 000% VAT). Plus, a corresponding contribution of 21 euros in the form of a donation to the state fund.

The Montenegrin Citizenship Program has become widely recognized for offering global investors some of the most important and valuable benefits in the industry. Namely - a quick procedure with the provision of a residence permit within 3 weeks and the approval of citizenship within six months. In addition, the Montenegrin passport provides free access to more than 123 countries around the world.

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