Skadar Lake: when to go and what to do

Skadar Lake is located on the territory of two countries at once: Montenegro and Albania. Moreover, most of it and the most beautiful one went to Montenegro.

In 1983, Skadar Lake was declared a national park. Today it is one of the five national parks in the country.

The region of Skadar Lake has long been a place of mixing a large number of civilizations and cultures. And on small islands scattered along the Montenegrin part of the coast, medieval Orthodox monasteries have survived: Mornik, Starcheva Goritsa, Beshka, Kom.

What to do on Skadar Lake

1. Just relax and watch the birds.
To take a closer look, it is better to rent a boat. In spring or autumn you have a chance to see rare curly pelicans! The price of the boat per hour is 25-30 euros. Also add to this 4 euros per person - a fee for visiting the national park.

2. Walk or cycle along marked routes around the lake.
There are routes lasting from 1 to 8 hours. During this time, you can see the local caves, and photograph the lake from unusual angles. However, we do not recommend doing this in the summer - at this time of the year the temperature in this area can reach 50 degrees. The rest of the year there is beauty.

3. Climb the fortress of Lessendro.
The dilapidated fortress is located at the tourist center of Skadar Lake in the town of Vranina. The entrance is free. Just be careful: to get to the fortress, you need to cross the road and railway lines.

4. Visit local wineries.
The area of ​​Skadar Lake is famous for its vineyards and is the center of Montenegrin winemaking. Local wineries are here on every corner.

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