What to bring with you from Montenegro?

Going on a trip to Montenegro, you will appreciate not only the beauty of nature, the good nature of the locals, but also the quality of the products. There are really very tasty and high-quality food, cheap alcohol and original souvenirs. We guarantee you will definitely want to bring something with you!

And you can bring:

Homemade Cheese and Kaimak

Cheese is the main national product of Montenegro. In local markets you will find cheese for every taste: goat, sheep, etc. Another popular dairy product is kaymak. Usually it is spread on bread or simply served with potatoes.

Negushsky prshut

In Italy - prosciutto, in Spain - jamon, and in Montenegro - prshut. In any store or on the market, you can purchase sliced ​​meat at a price of 12 euros per kg.

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Olive oil

We already wrote earlier that Montenegro is famous for its olive trees. One of the oldest olive trees in the world grows here! Therefore, not buying local olive oil is just a crime!

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Honey and nuts in honey

In Montenegro, honey is of excellent quality! You can find it in any store. The cost is about 10 euros per kg.

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In mid-July, Montenegro begins to ripen figs or figs in Montenegro. Its cost is about 2 euros per kg. In dried form, it will cost you 5-7 euros per kg.

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Typically, Plantaze wine or any other private winery is brought from Montenegro and, of course, brandy is the local brandy (strong alcoholic drink). Homemade brandy and wine cost from 3 euros per liter.

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In Montenegro, you will find souvenirs for every taste and color, as well as clothing of local or Italian production. As in other countries, in the off-season on the clothes of the old collection a discount. Also in Montenegro you can buy religious souvenirs. For example, a brooch. This bracelet wears almost every Montenegrin on his left hand.

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