10 commandments of the Montenegrin

If you have ever been to Montenegro, then you know that Montenegrins are distinguished by friendliness, hospitality, and yet - they are never in a hurry.

This approach to life reflects the 10 Montenegrin commandments that can be found on a variety of souvenir products: postcards, t-shirts, etc.

Montenegrin Commandments:

  1. A man is born tired and lives to rest.
  2. Love your bed as yourself.
  3. Rest during the day to sleep at night.
  4. Do not work - work kills.
  5. If you see that someone is resting - help him.
  6. Work as little as possible, and what you can - shift to another.
  7. In the cool of salvation, no one has died from rest.
  8. All illnesses from work, do not die young.
  9. If you want to work, sit down, take a rest, and this desire will pass.
  10. If you see someone feasting, join in; if you see that someone is working - leave and do not bother!

But do not think that the Montenegrins only drink coffee and never work. The main message of the commandments is that any person should have more rest and enjoy life, and not work hard at hard work, sacrificing their health. This is the approach to life that local residents practice. And they advise you!

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