The main investors in Montenegro are Azerbaijanis, Russians and Hungarians

Last year, foreign investors from about 60 countries invested in Montenegro. Soon we will learn more about total foreign investment in 12 months, while recent data show that the inflow amounted to 290 million euros, while the outflow was almost 362 million euros, writes Pobjeda daily.

According to the Central Bank of Montenegro, Azerbaijan is a leader in the list of investors.

The second largest investor is the Russian Federation with 58,2 million euros. Hungary ranks third with EUR 54,2 million. It is followed by the United Arab Emirates - 35,4 million, the Virgin Islands - 34,9 million, Switzerland - 33,1 million, Bosnia and Herzegovina - 33,1 million, Germany - 31,6 million, the Netherlands - 30,7 million, Turkey 25,9 million euros.

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