5 interesting facts about Kotor

Is it true that Kotor is considered a city of cats, loonies and carnival festivals? In our collection of unusual facts about Kotor, we will talk about this in more detail.

1 fact.

Kotor is really considered a city of cats. By the way, the consonance turned out by chance. In Montenegro, cats are called “matzki”, and they respond to “matz-matz” or to the sausage extended to them. Anyway, in the city there is an area of ​​cats, where you can usually see a lot of these animals.

2 fact.

In late July and early August, a holiday is held in Kotor called the “Kotor International Summer Carnival” or “Bokelska Night”. For several days the city turns into a peculiar version of the Venetian carnival. Performances, performances and costume parades do not stop for a minute. At this time, even at night, it is completely impossible to sleep. The festival is visited by approximately 30 tourists every year.

3 fact.

Most of the souvenir shops, fish restaurants and cafes of Kotor are located right in the old buildings. It goes without saying that furniture and interiors are as relevant as possible.

4 fact.

By the way, the city is very carefully monitored for cleanliness. The streets here are washed with shampoo twice a day. This tradition appeared in the Middle Ages, when the city suffered severely from the plague several times, and has survived to this day. Kotor is really very clean.

5 fact.

Another city known for the fact that there are most crazy people in all of Montenegro. It seems that the hot climate, the mountains that clamp Kotor from all sides, and the narrow stone streets are not very beneficial for the psyche.

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