Montenegro approved the first application for citizenship for investment

An investor from the UAE became the first holder of Montenegrin citizenship. Irina Mosheva, Managing Director of our key partner Moscow Sotheby's International Realty, said that he submitted an application in November, and the review period actually took 3 months.

“The Montenegrin Citizenship Program demonstrates one of the record deadlines, and along with the changes that have come into force regarding the possibility of including children in the program, the program is becoming one of the most attractive investment citizenships on the market,” she said.

To obtain Montenegrin citizenship, you need to purchase real estate, as well as invest in the country's state fund. The minimum contribution for obtaining citizenship is 350 thousand euros. Further, investors will be offered two options. First: investments in the amount of 450 thousand euros in government-approved projects in developed regions (on the coast of the country and in Podgorica). Second: 250 thousand euros for projects in less developed regions and a charitable contribution of 100 thousand euros to the state fund. The investor will be able to sell the asset in 5 years, while maintaining the status of citizenship for an indefinite period.

Program Citizenship for Investment was launched in July 2018. However, the acceptance of applications began only last fall. The established quota is 2000 applications. The program is valid for 3 years.

As I wrote earlier "RG", Montenegrin program is one of the most affordable investment programs for European citizenship today.

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