No case of coronavirus detected in Montenegro

Montenegrin doctors monitor the condition of 184 people. The Montenegrin, who was previously suspected of being infected on the Diamond Princess liner in Japan, was not found to have the virus.

The coronavirus epidemic not only claimed the lives of several thousand people around the world, but also affected economic movements. The losses in the global economy are huge.

However, there is no alarming evidence that this will negatively affect the development of tourism in Montenegro. The President of the Association of Tourism and Hospitality, Mr. Dragan Purko Ivanchevic, notes that the prospects before the start of the season are very good.

“In addition to a stable and safe situation, he adds, it is important that tourists feel safe and not afraid that they will become infected with any disease.”

However, Dragan Ivanchevich warns that the situation with coronavirus may affect the tourist season in Montenegro if it continues. Some tourists have already postponed their arrival in May, although they should have arrived in late February.

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