Holidays in Montenegro in March

? Camellia Days (Kotor, Stoliv)

The first such holiday taking place in March in Kotor and Stoliv is Camellia Days. This is a local colorful holiday with a rich program in which camellia occupies a central place. These days, local events and many concerts dedicated to the camellia flower are held, themed installations are installed, camellia exhibitions are held, a camellia ball is organized where Lady Camellia is chosen. A beautiful legend is connected with the main flower of the holiday, which goes back to the 1870th century, according to which, in XNUMX, this camellia was brought by a certain captain from Japan as a gift to his wife.

? "Spring camp"

This event is dedicated to the maintenance of tourist routes and the development of tourism in Montenegro. In the spring of 2017, this event will be held in the Mediterranean part of Montenegro with the goal of clearing, updating marks and promoting the cross-border route of coastal mountaineering and its connecting trails.

? Golden Fluff (Mug)

Golden Fluff (Golden Path) is a children's music festival of authors and performers, which is held in Rozhai.

? Durmitor Golden Eagle (Durmitor Golden Eagle) and International Para (Ski Cup Durmitor)

This is a sporting event, as well as an extreme sports cup on the slopes of the Zabljak ski resort in Durmitor National Park.

? Metubes (Budva)

The annual tourism fair, which takes place in the popular spa town of Budva near the residential complex Tre Canne.

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