The concept of a new promenade in Pržno is presented

The concept of a new boardwalk in Przhno Solutions were proposed to improve public lighting, recreation areas and landscaping. The design cost is 9 euros.

The renovation covers an area from the western side of the Maestral Resort & Casino to the eastern end of the beach. The total length of the promenade is about 270 meters, and the area of ​​the coastal zone, in which the work will be carried out, is 1420 sq. m.  

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Prices for apartments in the complex Portonovi. Property in the Portonovi complex costs from 350 thousand euros

Properties in the Portonovi complex are from ...

December 10, 2019
Prices in the Portonovi complex range from 350 thousand euros for apartments to 15 million euros for villas.
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National and natural parks of Montenegro. Where are

National and natural parks of Montenegro

December 20, 2019
There are 5 natural parks in Montenegro and all of them are under the protection of UNESCO.
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