Starting May 19, ferry service between Italy and Montenegro resumes

As in the last two years, the Dubrovnik vessel will continue to operate on the Bari-Bar line. Ferry flights from Bar are planned on Wednesdays starting May 20.

Departure time is at 21:8. Arrival in Bari at XNUMX o'clock the next morning.

In July and August, the number of flights will increase to two. The ferry will start operating on Fridays. From September, the message will again switch to the weekly schedule and will last until the end of November.

Ticket price - from 23 to 102,5 euros when traveling in a cabin. Traveling in an air seat will cost 8-9,5 euros. Tickets can be purchased on the website of the Barska plovidba company.

Ferry "Dubrovnik" has 148 cabins with 457 seats and 384 air seats. The vessel can take on board up to 300 vehicles. At the passengers' service there are two restaurants, a bar, a video room, and a playroom for children.


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