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Montenegro imposes quarantine: foreigners are not allowed

A quarantine has been introduced in the country: borders are closed for foreigners, compulsory self-isolation is in effect, cafes, shopping centers, bookmakers, etc. are closed.

To date, the most infected and deceased have been reported in China and Italy. Cases of Coronavirus Disease in Montenegro not registered yet.

The Ministry of Health of Montenegro has adopted a set of temporary measures based on the Law on the Protection of the Population from Infectious Diseases.

The following interim measures were taken on March 15:

1) a ban on entry to foreigners, with the exception of foreigners with permanent or temporary residence. The movement of goods for the needs of Montenegro remains unhindered, but with special measures of sanitary and hygienic control;

2) compulsory self-isolation for all Montenegrin citizens, as well as for foreigners who permanently or temporarily reside in Montenegro;

3) a ban on the provision of catering services in hotels, except for registered guests;

4) closing of discos / bars and night clubs;

5) the closure of catering facilities - coffee houses, cafes, restaurants and bars. Exception - enterprises that deliver food;

6) a ban on the provision of shopping and catering services in shopping centers;

7) the closure of children's playrooms;

8) the closure of fitness centers;

9) the closure of casinos, bookmakers and slot machines;

10) limitation of the number of customers: there can be only one consumer per ten square meters of retail space. But not more than 50 consumers per total floor space. Exception for markets: no more than 100 consumers per total area;

11) the obligation of responsible persons in trade institutions to ensure their employees the implementation of health protection measures prescribed by the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro;

12) the duty of the responsible persons to indicate at the entrance to the trading institution information on the maximum number of people who can simultaneously be in the same institution. And also organize the implementation of this rule.

The measures taken are temporary and are valid for 15 days.

Meanwhile Montenegro remains the only country in Europe, where not a single case of coronavirus infection has been officially recorded. 

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