A new hotel brand will appear in Montenegro - Janu

The owner of the chain of luxury hotels Aman Vladislav Doronin creates a new hotel brand - Janu. The first three Janu hotels (“soul” in Sanskrit) will open in 2022 in Tokyo and Montenegro, where Aman hotels already exist, as well as in Saudi Arabia. As reported Ведомости, the Royal Commission for AlUla will become a hotel developer in Montenegro and Saudi Arabia.

According to Harman Rawlinson, Director of Global Communications at Aman, Janu hotels will also be positioned in the premium segment and targeted at wealthy travelers. However, the cost of living in Janu will be lower than in Aman.

The creators of the new brand believe that one of the most valuable things you can get from traveling is meeting new people. But people are becoming more and more lonely, too dependent on the digital world and are losing interaction skills. Janu hotels are designed to bring people back the joy of meeting and chatting.

Aman COO Roland Fazel hopes Janu will attract a young and vibrant audience. The number of rooms in Aman does not exceed 50, and in some hotels it is only 20. Janu will have up to 120 rooms.

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