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In 2019, 170 million euros were invested in Montenegro real estate

The amount of investments in Montenegrin square meters decreased by 6,6% compared with 2018, the Central Bank of the country reports.

They invested 242,3 million euros in local companies and banks. As a result, 412,3 million euros (53,6% of the total) were invested in the share capital of Montenegrin enterprises and organizations.

Last year, investments in the form of intercompany debt accounted for 321,7 million euros (41,8%).

The total inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI) into the economy of Montenegro amounted to 769,9 million euros, while capital outflows - 425,2 million euros. As a result, net FDI inflows reached € 344,7 million, up 6,9% on 2018.


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