Montenegro - on the 3rd place in the ranking of the best citizenship programs for investments

The leaders are Malta, Cyprus and Austria. The best programs for obtaining a residence permit and citizenship by investment were determined by Henley & Partners. The ratings include the states of Europe, the Caribbean, North America and Asia.

Citizenship by Investment programs are a short and simplified way to obtain a full passport of another country without prior long residence or even a visit.

In 2019 was opened new citizenship program Montenegro The country is not yet a member of the EU, but the program is already in demand due to the small investment requirements (from 250 thousand euros) and the short processing time of applications. You can obtain citizenship in just 3 months. At the beginning of 2020 first application approved for citizenship of Montenegro.

For example, to become a citizen of Cyprus, you need to invest at least 2,15 million euros in the country. And in order to obtain the citizenship of Malta, investments from 1 million euros will be required. In this case, the application review period will be from 14 to 18 months.

The official EU investment citizenship programs are only valid in Cyprus, Malta and Austria. Citizenship of these states allows you to live and work in any EU country without any restrictions.

Rating of the best citizenship programs | 2020 Citizenship

The following criteria were used to analyze investment citizenship programs: reputation, quality of life, visa-free entry, time for consideration of the application and quality of information processing, compliance, investment requirements, the need to live in the country, the possibility of moving to other countries, the need to visit the country, and transparency of the procedure.

Henley & Partners publishes ratings of official programs for obtaining a residence permit and citizenship by investment, as well as a study of these programs, which is the most complete systematic analysis and comparative assessment of the main options for obtaining a residence permit and citizenship by investment. Independent experts, investors and government officials from different countries take part in the creation of ratings. For each criterion, experts assign points to countries (from 0 to 10), after which the results are summed up.

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