303 coronavirus infections detected in Montenegro

According to the Institute of Public Health, 31 tests have been performed over the past XNUMX hours and no new cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded.

The total number of people infected with coronavirus is 303. Of these, 243 are currently sick, five have died, 34 are hospitalized and 55 people have recovered. More than 4000 residents of Montenegro are under medical supervision.

Cases of COVID-19 virus have been reported in the following Montenegrin cities:
Podgorica - 157,
Tuzi - 36,
Niksiche - 32,
Bar - 23,
Ulcinj - 22,
Andrievice - 7,
Bijelo-Pole - 6.
Herceg Novi - 6,
Budva - 4,
Plave - 4,
Danilovgrad - 3,
Tivat - 3.

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