How to celebrate Easter in Montenegro

Christ is Risen!

Serbs and Montenegrins, like Russians, greet each other, exclaiming "Christ is Risen" and "Truly Risen".

Easter in Serbia is called “Vaskres”, and in Montenegro - “Uskrs”. The word "Easter" is almost unknown to locals. On this day, people go to church for a liturgy. Many bring eggs for sanctification with them and then return them home.

On Easter Sunday, elegant Easter baskets with colored eggs stand on tables throughout Montenegro. According to custom, you first need to eat an Easter egg, and then everything else. Like us, all guests and family members compete, whose egg will be the strongest.

Then comes the Easter treat: the housewives serve prosciutto and cheese, roast pork or lamb and many other salty and sweet dishes. That's just to cook Easter, as we have in Montenegro is not accepted.

The symbol of Montenegrin Easter is a red egg. In this case, the first painted egg of the hostess is laid and stored throughout the year. He is called "dude", which means "keeper of the house." And in some houses the mistresses leave as many eggs as they have children.

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