Interest in sites in Kolasin is growing

The cost of land in Kolasin ranges from 80 to 400 euros per sq.m. The greatest demand is for plots of up to 400 square meters. m for the construction of private houses.

After 2010, sales in Kolasin fell sharply, but since the beginning of this year the land market has been recovering. Plots for the construction of residential buildings cost from 80 to 130 euros per sq. m, for hotels - from 100 to 400 euros per sq. m.

In the town of Smailagic Pole, not far from the ski centers, land is offered at a price of 40 to 70 euros per square meter. m. Near the village Mateshevo real estate for sale from 15 to 30 euros per square meter. m

However, local realtors do not expect renewed interest in large plots, as it was 10 years ago. Now buyers are considering mainly small plots for the construction of residential, commercial or hotel facilities on the outskirts of Kolasin or near it.


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