Yachts allowed to moor in Porto Montenegro marina

Marina Porto Montenegro (Porto Montenegro) in Tivat received all the institutional approvals generated by the Montenegrin government for mooring yachts and superyachts.

It is important to note that all ships docked in Porto Montenegro will comply with a quarantine period of 14 days. In the event of COVID-19 appearing on the ship, the period will be extended.

Porto Montenegro will ensure the protection of foreign ships and their crews, the delivery of food and personal hygiene products, the provision of medical care, the supply of water, fuel and electricity, the collection of waste from foreign ships, as well as other necessary measures to ensure a safe and comfortable crew stay. After the expiration of the quarantine and isolation period, the crew of a foreign vessel is obliged to comply with all applicable measures adopted by the Ministry of Health in relation to citizens of Montenegro.

Recall that the first quarantine relief concessions in Montenegro were introduced on May 4. Clothing stores, children's, book and flower shops, beauty salons, fitness centers and more resumed their work. And since May 11 road communication opened within the region.

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