11 million euros will be invested in Lastavitsa island in Montenegro

The planned investments in the Lastavitsa island with the Mamula fortress near Herceg Novi this year amount to 5,1 million euros, according to the Investment Report.

The government document, which has already entered into the parliamentary procedure, states that 6,45 million euros will be allocated for the implementation of the project next year.

“As of December 31 last year, 6,2 million euros were spent on the project. The funds spent include expenses that were spent on the preparation of project documentation, equipment, preparatory work and wages for employees, hiring domestic and foreign consultants, as well as the first stage of construction work, ”the report says.

The state leased Lastavitsa island and Mamula fortress for 49 years. A long-term lease was concluded five years ago with the Swiss company Orascom Development Holding. In addition to the island with a fortress, the tenant has the right to use marine property. According to the report, 47 euros for almost 772 square meters were paid last year.

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