Montenegro - the first country in Europe free from COVID-19

Montenegro is officially a country with zero COVID-19 cases. Thus, it became the first “Corona free” country in Europe.

68 days after the first reported case, there are no active coronavirus patients in Montenegro. Yesterday, the IJZCG laboratory completed the analysis of another 140 samples, among which COVID-19 was not detected. The total number of patients since the start of the pandemic is 324 and 315 have recovered.

Assistant Minister of Health Vesna Miranovich said that this is a great success for the whole of Montenegro:

“This success adds value to the Montenegrin health system and to all the institutions of the system that performed the functions of protecting people's health. The health system created the conditions for the revival of tourism. We are looking for a code of conduct applicable to tourists that will be flexible enough for tourists to enjoy a magical vacation, ”says Miranovic.

However, Ms. Miranovich urges to be vigilant, keep a distance and wear a mask on the premises.

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