Montenegro opens borders for 26 countries

The National Coordinating Authority (NPO) decided to allow citizens from 26 countries to enter Montenegro from June 1 without quarantine and self-isolation.

Countries were selected according to the following criterion - less than 25 active cases of COVID-19 per 100 thousand inhabitants. Thus, Montenegro will open borders for tourists from Slovenia, Iceland, Croatia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Albania, Austria, Norway, Monaco, Kosovo, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Luxembourg, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Israel, Northern Macedonia, Ireland, Czech Republic, Finland and Estonia. Unfortunately, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine were not included in this list.

At the same time, air and sea traffic is allowed, and the previous general aviation measure remains in power. The movement of goods for the needs of Montenegro, as well as the transit of goods remain unhindered.

“Our citizens and foreigners with permanent or temporary residence in our country, who enter Montenegro from countries where the confirmed rate of active cases of coronavirus is above 25 per 100 inhabitants, are determined for self-isolation or quarantine for 000 days. For people whose PCR test for SARS-CoV-14 gave a negative test result for a new coronavirus, the measure of self-isolation and quarantine is canceled after 2 days, ”the NCO reported.

Social events including weddings, funerals, sports events are permitted. However, up to 200 people can attend these events (outdoor or indoor). At the same time, maintaining a distance - at least two meters from each other - remains mandatory.

In addition, discotheques, clubs, bars, and also children's playrooms are allowed in accordance with the instructions of the Institute of Public Health. Soon cinemas, theaters and kindergartens will open.

Also, from June 1 in each region, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will begin work, in accordance with the established working hours. Permits for permanent and temporary residence and work of foreigners, which have expired, will be valid until July 1 of this year.

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