In the project of the hotel Kraljičina plaža near Sveti Stefan will invest 22 million euros by the end of the year

Earlier, Adriatic Properties announced that it would invest 5 million euros in the construction of the 11,62-star Kraljičina plaža hotel by December. However, the amount of investments this year has doubled.

Dragan Markovic, director of the Milocer hotel company (owner of the site), noted the transparent nature of investments. Information on the progress of construction will be available to residents.

Hotel Kraljičina plaža has a total of 126 rooms: 43 single rooms, 44 double rooms, 31 triple rooms, 4 four-bed rooms, 2 five-bed rooms and 2 six-bed rooms. Previously, half of the apartments were planned to be sold. However, local residents strongly opposed housing in the project.

The area of ​​the entire facility is about 22 thousand square meters. m. The total investment in the construction of the hotel has increased to 73 million euros. Adriatic Properties spent 4,2 million euros on the development of the project and design, Markovic added.

Construction work began last November. They should be completed in three years.


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