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Coronavirus returned to Montenegro

Currently, 38 cases of coronavirus infection have been reported, the Institute of Public Health said. Due to new cases, the country again introduced the mandatory wearing of protective masks. Masks are required to be worn in public transport, shops, markets and other closed public institutions.

According to authorities, the country's inhabitants brought the infection from Belgrade, having been there at a major football match. At the same time, the fans returned through Bosnia and Herzegovina, as the border with Serbia was closed due to the pandemic.

Now Bosnia and Herzegovina has been excluded from the list of countries for which the borders of Montenegro are open. Now, upon entry from this country, a coronavirus test is required, passed no later than 48 hours.

Over the past day, 119 tests were performed on COVID-19. Currently, there are 38 active cases in Montenegro:

Give birth: 14
Podgorica: 12
Berane: 3
Budva: 3
Cetinje: 2
Bar: 1
Ulcinj: 1
Bielo Field: 1
Danilovgrad: 1

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