Full list of projects of the Citizenship for Investment program

The list of objects for citizenship has been updated: November 20, 2020

Benefits of obtaining citizenship in Montenegro

Increasingly, investors are opting for Montenegro, instead of Spain or Cyprus. Registration of citizenship of Montenegro provides several advantages:

  1. The opportunity to become an EU citizen in 2025.
  2. Visa-free entry to 120 countries, including Europe and the Russian Federation.
  3. Living in a country with a pleasant climate and by the sea.
  4. Second citizenship entitles you to leave your country of residence even during a pandemic.
  5. You can apply for citizenship for the main applicant or family (spouse, children), the total amount of fees is affected by the number of people in the application. Children who are financially dependent on the investor can obtain citizenship with their parents.
  6. As an investment, you can choose a resort project, which provides profitability from the developer.
  7. The possibility of obtaining a non-immigrant American visa type E2 (for 5 years with a further extension every 2 years). Thus, you can move to the United States.
  8. Simplified visa to the UK.

The first passport of Montenegro received a Russian

The first holder of a Montenegrin passport, obtained under the program "Citizenship of Montenegro by Investment", was a Russian. To date, several hundred applications have been approved.

The implementation of the project for the granting of Montenegrin citizenship in exchange for investment began on October 1, 2019. The validity period is three years. Interested candidates must invest from 250 thousand euros to one of the projects in the north of the country or from 450 thousand euros - on the coast or in the capital of the country - Podgorica.

The list of priority sectors includes infrastructure, tourism, agriculture, and processing industry. The quota for the program is 2 thousand people.

Entry fee upon application - 100 thousand euros... It is important to understand that this money is not returned to the candidate, regardless of the decision made - positive or negative. Buying real estate in Montenegro does not provide an opportunity to obtain citizenship.

Applying for citizenship can be done remotely, applicants need to come to the country once. At the same time, investors and members of their families will not need to give up their initial citizenship in favor of Montenegrin, it will be possible to maintain both.

Read more about how to obtain Montenegrin citizenship, what payments are required, as well as the procedure for obtaining citizenship, read our article.

How to obtain citizenship of Montenegro

List of authorized projects for citizenship

Currently listed 13 projectssubmitted to the Investment Agency. All projects on the list apply for the economic citizenship program. The total cost of the projects is 373 million euros, which is one of the proofs that it is worth investing in Montenegro.

Kolašin Resort & Spa

4 * hotel is located in the north of Montenegro, in Kolasin, directly at the ski lifts. Kolašin Resort & Spa Designed for 93 rooms, the hotel also has a restaurant, bar, conference room, pharmacy. According to the business plan, the investment is estimated at 11,5 million euros.

The first project for the program, October 2019.
The founder of the project is a citizen of Bangladesh.

When investing from € 250 you will receive a share in the resort (share agreement):

  • without maintenance costs,
  • without the right to reside,
  • annual income from hotel profits up to 30%,
  • sales opportunity in 5 years,
  • the opportunity to apply for Montenegrin citizenship (additional costs).

Hotel Breza

The 5 * hotel is also located in Kolasin, a 10-minute drive to the ski lifts. IN Hotel Breza - 170 rooms, restaurant, bar, spa complex, gym. The cost of the project is 19,5 million euros, after opening 120 people will be able to find work here.

Founders of the project: citizen of Montenegro and citizen of the Russian Federation.

When investing from € 250 You will receive a room in the property (certificate of ownership):

  • there are maintenance costs (€ 50 per 1 m² / year),
  • accommodation (15 days a year),
  • 40% profit from rental income for your unit (hotel room),
  • the possibility of selling after obtaining a certificate of ownership (about 2 years),
  • the opportunity to apply for Montenegrin citizenship (additional costs).

Hotel Breza. Project for citizenship in Montenegro

Hotel K-1600

Kolašin 1600 is the highest Montenegrin resort located in the southern part of the Belasitsa mountain range. As part of a four-star project Hotel K-1600 two residential areas with first-class apartments and family villas will be built. The ski slopes zone will be integrated into the settlement, which will provide ideal accessibility for all living quarters in the resort - skiers can ride “from the doorway and back”. From Podgorica Airport to Kolasin can be reached in 35 minutes.

The total project cost is 6 million euros. The hotel will have 116 accommodation units. In addition, the investor intends to create 58 new jobs in the hotel with a condominium business model.

Construction Phase: Started in Spring 2020.

When investing from € 250 000 You will receive a room in the property (certificate of ownership), as well as the opportunity to obtain citizenship of Montenegro.

Hotel K-1600 or K-16. Project for citizenship in Montenegro

Bjelasica 1450

The 4 * hotel is located in Kolasin - the largest mountain tourism center of Montenegro. Bjelasica 1450 provide visitors the perfect balance between adventure and sophistication. Its total area will be 3000 square meters. The hotel will offer 168 exquisite rooms, each will include high quality and comfortable living conditions.

The hotel is planning to create 96 jobs. The investment volume is almost 18 million euros. The works are carried out by the company Zetagradnja, owned by the businessman Blagota Radovic. Completion of construction works - winter 2021-2022

When investing from € 250 You will receive a room in the property (certificate of ownership), as well as the opportunity to apply for Montenegrin citizenship (additional costs).

Bjelasica 1450. Project for citizenship in Montenegro

Durmitor Hotel and Villas

The 5 * hotel is located on the territory of Durmitor - one of the five national parks of Montenegro. Nearby is the picturesque Black Lake. Durmitor Hotel and Villas will offer its guests 55 luxury units, 2 restaurants, a wellness and spa center, indoor and outdoor pools, a meeting room and a conference hall. There will also be built 12 "mountain" villas in the resort.

About 104 people will get a job at the hotel. Durmitor Hotel and Villas is being built by the Greek businessman Petros Statis. Its cost is estimated at 20 million euros.

Construction began in September 2019.

When investing from € 250 you will receive a share in the project (1/10 of the villa in the property)

  • annual income from hotel profits up to 30%,
  • sales opportunity in 5 years,
  • the opportunity to apply for Montenegrin citizenship (additional costs).

Durmitor Hotel and Villas. Project for citizenship in Montenegro

Kraljičina plaza (Queen's Beach Hotel)

The hotel of the new chain brand Janu will be located in a unique location in Milocer Park, next to the luxurious island of St. Stephen. Adriatic Properties has begun construction of the complex and is investing at least 110 million euros in it.

Project Kraljičina plaza (Queen's Beach Hotel) has 126 rooms and has several pools, the Janu spa, and an open bar and restaurant. Upon completion of the project, 229 people will be employed.

When investing from € 780 You will receive a housing unit in the project, as well as the opportunity to apply for Montenegrin citizenship (additional costs).

Kraljičina plaža (Queen's Beach Hotel). Project for citizenship in Montenegro

Amma Resort

The 5 * Amma Resort hotel complex will be built in Chani according to a mixed business model. Its cost is 77 million euros. The investor will create 241 new jobs in the five-star complex. The hotel complex is designed for 483 rooms, 241 of which are located in the hotel itself, and another 242 rooms are located in eight luxury villas.

Black pine

The Black Pine Hotel will be built in Mojkovac in accordance with the condominium business model. The hotel will be a four-star category with a total capacity of 174 rooms. The construction will cost 10,5 million euros. The investor intends to create 144 jobs on the territory of the complex. Behind the Black Pine Hotel and the Amma Spa lies the Čelebić group of companies, owned by businessman Tomislav Čelebić.

Bobotov Hotel

Hotel and resort complex Bobotov Hotel worth just over 16 million euros will be built in Zabljak. It is planned to build 160 residential units, 40 of which in the hotel itself and another 120 within 40 villas. The investor plans to create 153 new jobs (90 permanent and 63 seasonal).

D Hotel

Hotel “D” with annex “E” will be a four-star category with a total capacity of 116 rooms. The estimated investment value for the economic citizenship program is around 8 million euros. 61 people will get jobs during the year.

Elite Hotel & Residence

The Elite Hotel & Residence will also be a four-star category with a capacity of 150 housing units. About 11,5 million euros will be invested in this project. 71 people will find work in the hotel and will work throughout the year.

Montis Hotel & Resort

The future Montis Hotel & Resort in Kolasin will be a five-star one. Its capacity is 238 units, 25 apartments and 213 rooms. The estimated cost of the investment is projected at € 21 million. In addition, the investor intends to create 231 jobs on the territory of the complex.

When investing from € 250 You will receive a room in the property (certificate of ownership), as well as the opportunity to obtain citizenship of Montenegro.

Montis Hotel & Resort. Project for citizenship in Montenegro

Boka place

Hotel Boka Place, which will become part of Porto Montenegro, also took a place in the list of development projects. The hotel will be five stars.

The complex consists of five blocks:

  1. Mistral
    44 apartments managed by SIRO: from studios to duplexes with three bedrooms and penthouses.
  2. Siro
    Wellness hotel with 96 rooms, which also manages 144 apartments.
  3. Ostro
    40 SIRO apartments, including apartments with one, two and three bedroom apartments and penthouses.
  4. Sirocco
    60 apartments managed by SIRO, including studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and penthouses.
  5. Thea
    35 private apartments: studios, apartments with one or two bedrooms and penthouses.
  6. Alba
    34 private apartments: studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, duplexes and penthouses.

    Cost studios - from € 190, apartments - from € 265 000 and penthouses - from € 560... However, only objects with an investment of at least € 450 000.

Boka Place. Porto Montenegro

Dukley gardens

Also, Dukley gardens prepared a unique proposal - real estate in a project in the south of Montenegro + share in an authorized project. The offer includes 6 luxury apartments, finished and fully furnished.

When investing from € 1 800 000 you will receive an apartment of 280 m² in ownership (certificate of ownership):

  • rental income through a management company (optional),
  • guaranteed 6% annual income from the value of the apartment for the first three years,
  • the possibility of living 3 weeks a year (when renting),
  • there are maintenance costs,
  • registration of participation in the Montenegrin citizenship program,
  • expenses for registration of a share and citizenship are borne by the developer Dukley Gardens.


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