About a million euros will be allocated for the modernization of airports in Montenegro

Tivat airport in Montenegro

The airports in Podgorica and Tivat will soon be refurbished and modernized to provide passengers with as much comfort as possible and, over time, receive more funds from non-aviation revenues. Around a million euros will be invested in the development and modernization project. This was announced by the executive director of Montenegro airport Danilo Orlandic.

“The safety of passengers and aircraft was our priority, so investments are focused on modernizing equipment and technologies. It's time to improve passenger comfort. Airports are the first impression of every passenger arriving in Montenegro, and the fight for every guest has already begun, ”Orlandic said.

He explained that no investment has been made in the lounges at both airports for a long time, but they must meet the criteria of the clients for whom they are intended. Thus, about 400 thousand euros will be invested in the renovation of the VIP-hall at the Podgorica airport.

Last year, non-aviation revenues for Montenegro airports, which include shops, cafes and restaurants, office space and advertising space, accounted for 8% and € 4,7 million, respectively, of total revenues, up from 35 million last year.

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