Three new schools for billing children to open in Montenegro

Three new schools for bilingual children to open in October

Three more schools for bilingual children will open in primary schools in the 2020-2021 school year. As a result, the total number of classes where lessons will be conducted in two languages ​​will reach 15.

The bilingual class project started three years ago at the Mirko Srzentić school in Petrovac, Olga Golović in Petrovac, Luka Simonović school in Niksic and Maksim Gorki school in Podgorica.

The Institute of Education visited these schools, analyzed the lessons, and also spoke with the school administration and teachers. The commission praised the quality of the training and the positive impact on children. Since then, the project has been successfully implemented in four more schools.

This year, Sutjeska elementary schools from Podgorica, Radomir Mitrović from Berane and Stefan Mitrov Ljubiša from Budva offered bilingual education this year. Classes will be formed depending on the interests of children and parents.

“The main goals of this approach are the formation of a positive attitude towards learning, strengthening of self-confidence when speaking in a foreign language. The aim is also to draw the attention of children to the fact that English is a means of communication and not just a school subject, ”explained Maida Mulić, adviser to the Ministry of Education of Montenegro.

In order for teachers to be able to teach, they need to obtain a CLIL certification. Teachers have submitted applications for participation in the tender for the 2020-2021 academic year, have been trained and are now ready to meet with first graders.

The CLIL course is a basic course for teaching in English. The materials of this course are also applied at the University of Cambridge. The course consists of 20 modules. Each module presents practical strategies for teaching other subjects in English and is designed for 2,5 hours of intensive work.

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