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Montenegro has 1810 active coronavirus cases


There are currently 1810 active cases of coronavirus in Montenegro. Public Health Institute Laboratories analyzed 617 samples and found 163 positive samples. One patient has died in the last 24 hours. The patient was from Bijelo Pole, he was born in 1953. The institute also reported that 67 patients have recovered.

New cases of coronavirus infection were reported in Niksic - 59, Podgorica - 33, Berane - 24, Bijelo Pole - 17, Plevle - 12, Kotor - 10, Cetinje - 4, Budva - 2, Andrievice - 1 and Gusinje - 1.

Speaking on the morning TV show of the public television company (RTCG), the head of the Clinical Center of Montenegro, Evto Erakovic, noted that there are about 600 intensive care places in Montenegro right now, ready for coronavirus. If necessary, their number can be increased to 1800. According to him, everything has been done in the country to prepare for the second viral wave.

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