New restrictive measures in Montenegro


The National Coordinating Body (NCO) for Infectious Diseases has decided to introduce new restrictive measures in each municipality, depending on the epidemic situation. The new measures will take effect from Monday (28.09).

The basis will include the indicator of the number of cases per 100 thousand population. Current indicators by municipalities:

New restrictive measures in Montenegro 3

Restrictive measures depending on the rate of cases in the last 14 days:

Below 400:
Without changes. However, strict adherence to protocols and strict monitoring of the implementation of existing epidemiological measures will continue.

Between 400 and 799:
22:00 - closing time of establishments. A maximum of two people can sit at one table (indoors and on the terrace). Chairs should be at least one meter apart.

Between 800 and 1 199:
The ban on the work of restaurants and cafes, including establishments at the hotel. Only members of one family are allowed to stay inside the dwelling.

Above 1:
People will be prohibited from leaving their accommodation units between 22:00 pm and 5:00 am (with some exceptions). Citizens who care for wheelchair users, as well as persons who cannot independently carry out their daily activities due to illness (must be confirmed by a certificate), and pets, are allowed to stay on the street for no more than 60 minutes a day.

At the same time, the ban on the operation of restaurants and cafes, including hotel establishments, remains. Only members of one family are allowed to stay inside the dwelling.

The decision to weaken the restrictions is made automatically every 14 days, depending on the values ​​of the indicators for the sick.

Based on current data, the most severe restrictions will be in effect in Niksic, Beran and Andrijevica, starting from Monday.

The beginning of the school year

Analyzing the epidemic situation and conditions at the beginning of the school year, the NGO instructed the Ministry of Education to review and set all relevant parameters by Monday and inform the public about all aspects of the start of the school year.

In order to contain the spread of the virus among schoolchildren and students, the NGO decided to change the order regarding wearing masks. This means that children over 5 years old will also be required to wear a face mask.

The NGO also suggested that the Ministry of Health make a decision on compensation for medical staff working with patients with COVID-19.

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