Foreigners intend to invest 1,5 billion euros in Montenegro

Foreigners intend to invest 1,5 billion euros in Montenegro. Montenegro flag on world map

Foreign companies are expected to invest 1,5 billion euros in Montenegro by 2022. This was announced by representatives of the Council for Foreign Investors. They also recalled that they have initiated many processes to improve the business environment.

“We have started negotiations on the formation of a digital coalition, given the fact that digital transformation of business processes in Montenegro is the key to improving the business environment. Therefore, the adoption of the Strategy for Digital Transformation is of particular importance, ”the Council explained.

When asked if they expected changes in the business environment, they replied that the new government faced many challenges.

“We expect the government to continue to improve the business environment and implement structural reforms,” they said.

The Foreign Investors Council participates in the Competitiveness Council as the main advisory body for improving the business environment.

"Reforms of the business environment in Montenegro should be carried out more effectively in order to create a favorable business climate and so that the entire economy of Montenegro can develop and recover faster," the Council said.

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