Montenegro to receive vaccine against COVID-19

Montenegro to receive vaccine against COVID-19

Montenegrin Health Minister Kenan Khrapovich signed an agreement according to which the country will receive guaranteed doses of the COVID-19 vaccine after its production. Montenegro will pay 8,84 euros per dose.

The estimated cost of the purchase is about EUR 2. The advance payment amounted to 163 thousand euros.

The minister explained that by signing this agreement, Montenegro has joined the COVAX mechanism for COVID-19 vaccines, which was initiated by WHO with the aim of ensuring procurement and equitable distribution of vaccines among member countries.

The initiative was supported by the European Commission and numerous relevant international organizations.

More than 170 countries of the world are COVAX members. By joining this initiative, Montenegro will have the opportunity to participate in the distribution of vaccines in the same time frame as other countries.

According to studies carried out by the Public Health Institute, Montenegro indicated a need for 248 doses, which is enough to cover 800% of the population.

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