National Geographic Traveler: Montenegro is the best travel destination

National Geographic Traveler- Montenegro is the best travel destination

The National Tourism Organization announced that the world leader in geography, cartography and research, National Geographic Traveler, has named Montenegro one of the seven most attractive holiday destinations in 2021.

National Geographic Traveler (UK) has published the Best in the World 2021 list, which reveals inspiring stories about 35 unusual places, and in the article “World's Best: Seven Unforgettable Family Trips for 2021 and Beyond” Montenegro was ranked second on the list ... It stands next to such world destinations as Japan, USA, Canada and Great Britain.

The World's Best 2021 list consists of five categories - sustainability, nature and wildlife, adventure, culture and history, and family travel. Each of them is characterized by excellent destinations with a relevant history for the coming year. The list of inspiring places, communities and innovations gives an upbeat number of places to escape reality, as well as pandemic precautions for those wishing to travel around the world.

Describing the natural beauty of our country, the British correspondent for National Geographic Traveler sees potential in Montenegro as an important travel destination in the next year.

“How does Montenegro fit into all this? This hidden paradise on the Adriatic is smaller than Northern Ireland, yet full of snow-capped mountains, crystal-clear lakes, fast-flowing rivers, charming cities and friendly locals. Cheaper and less visited than neighboring Croatia, it has so far been in the shadows, but it looks like this will change in 2021, ”the text says.

The many activities that Montenegro's wilderness has to offer, such as cycling, walking and zip-line adventures, are just a few of the benefits that he points out, "Adventure families will be here in their element."

Montenegro's coastline is small but shiny

The British travel writer, in addition to his admiration for the country's natural wealth, notes that "not everything is given to adventure," meaning luxury hotels and resorts on the Montenegrin coast.

“The Montenegrin coast is small but vibrant and includes the luxurious Avanti and One & Only hotels at Portonovi, which will open in the spring on the Bay of Kotor. Marriott also plans to open the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Montenegro in 2023.

In accordance with this prestigious award, the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro received the exclusive right to use the specially designed "Best in the World 2021" badge in promoting the destination, which will further contribute to the recognition of Montenegro in the global tourism market.

List of countries in the list of "Best countries in the world 2021" available in 16 issues of National Geographic Traveler magazine in local language and distributed to millions of readers in their magazines and websites around the world. Numerous affirmative articles in influential global media in the past, such as National Geographic Traveler, have made significant contributions to improving the destination's image as well as attracting tourists from emission markets while respecting travel conditions.

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