Tenth Planet is building a resort on Lustica worth 10 million euros

Tenth Planet is building a resort on Lustica worth 10 million euros

Tivat-based company Tenth Planet will build a four- and five-star tourist resort on the peninsula Lustica.

In 2014, the company announced that it plans to invest ten million euros in the resort. The chief state architect Dragan Vukovic gave his consent to the conceptual architectural solution.

The founder is Cooperatieve Laxey Worldwide Wa, registered in the Netherlands, behind which, as previously reported in the media, is the British capital. Tenth Planet CEO David Murray Savney.

The site where the tourist resort will be built is part of the local exploration of the area Mrkovi - Njivice. The total area of ​​these two urban plots is 53 square meters with a view of Mamula.

The total area of ​​all premises will be 23 square meters. They will have 162 rooms and 160 beds. 320 parking spaces are planned for cars and one for buses.

A basic building is planned with a central plateau, shop, reception, restaurant, bars, hall, four studios and apartments, and 20 blocks of villas. It will be built in six phases, each with a central pool.

The Standard Block is a 70 square meter apartment with one bedroom and a study, an open kitchen, a bathroom and a terrace that serves as an outdoor dining area or living room with a beautiful view. There are several variations with the studio type (36 square meters) and the premium penthouse of 90 square meters.

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