Montenegro announced the number of applications received for economic citizenship

Montenegro announced the number of applications received for economic citizenship

During the operation of the Citizenship by Investment program, the Montenegrin authorities have received 86 applications for a “golden passport”.

Montenegro's budget has so far received almost seven million euros from the program, while nine million euros have gone into investor accounts over the same period.

Citizenship by Investment Program

Recall that the law on the program for the issuance of Montenegrin citizenship was released in November 2018. The first applications for obtaining Montenegrin passports for investment began to be accepted in January 2019.

The program is valid for three years. Interested candidates must invest from 250 thousand euros to one of the projects in the north of the country or from 450 thousand euros - on the coast or in the capital of the country - Podgorica. A complete list of projects for obtaining citizenship.

The list of priority sectors includes infrastructure, tourism, agriculture, and processing industry. The quota for the program is 2 thousand people.

The main advantage of obtaining Montenegrin citizenship isthe opportunity to become an EU citizen in 2025.

Entry fee upon application - 100 thousand euros... It is important to understand that this money is not returned to the candidate, regardless of the decision made - positive or negative. Buying real estate in Montenegro does not provide an opportunity to obtain citizenship.

How to get a residence permit in Montenegro
Full list of requirements and documents for filing

How to obtain economic citizenship of Montenegro

Applying for citizenship can be done remotely, applicants need to come to the country once. At the same time, investors and members of their families will not need to give up their initial citizenship in favor of Montenegrin, it will be possible to maintain both.

Read more about how to obtain Montenegrin citizenship, what payments are required, as well as the procedure for obtaining citizenship, read our article.

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