Companies from Azerbaijan rank first in terms of investments in Montenegro

Companies from Azerbaijan rank first in terms of investments in Montenegro

Companies from Azerbaijan, China and Russia are the largest investors in Montenegro. Azerbaijan still ranks first in terms of investment in the country. However, the Central Bank does not name a number or investors from this country, because, as they explain, this would encroach on the area of ​​business secrecy.

The largest Azerbaijani investment is related to the construction and management of the Porto Novi resort (Porto novi) near Herceg Novi, in which about 700 million euros have been invested so far. The main investor of the project is the state oil company of Azerbaijan SOCAR.

In second place are companies from China with investments in our country of almost 71 million euros. Let us remind you that the Chinese ousted the Russians from this position even earlier, who were in second place. Russians are now in third place with an investment of 54 million euros and have pushed Italian investors who held that position until recently.

“They are followed by investors from Switzerland with 48,3 million euros, Italy - 44 million, the United States - 24,5 million, the United Arab Emirates - 24,1 million euros, Germany - 22 million, Serbia - 18,7 million euros. , Netherlands - 17,4 million euros. " This was reported in the Central Bank, noting that this is preliminary data.

Among the "smaller" investments in the country are companies from Turkey with 12,7 million, Great Britain - 11 million, Estonia - almost 10 million, Austria - 9 million, Slovenia - more than 8 million.

The inflow of investments in real estate amounted to 85,5 million euros, which is also 40,9 percent less. This year, according to the Central Bank, real estate was mainly bought by Russians - only 18 million, followed by Americans - 9,4 million, Germans - 9,3 million, Serbs - 8,3 million, Swiss - 6,8 million euros.

When asked what attitude they expect from investors next year, given the COVID-19 pandemic and the change of government in Montenegro, the Central Bank replied that the country will remain an attractive investment destination in the new year.

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