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In Montenegro, 1,6% of the population owns cryptocurrency

In Montenegro, 1,6% of the population owns cryptocurrency

Research conducted by a leading cryptocurrency payments company Triple A... She estimates that as of 2021, global cryptocurrency ownership averages 3,9% with over 300 million cryptocurrency users around the world. And over 18000 businesses are already accepting cryptocurrency payments.

Leading countries that own cryptocurrency:

India (100 million)
United States (27 million)
Nigeria (13 million)
Vietnam (5,9 million)
United Kingdom (3,3 million)

In Montenegro, 9955 people or 1,59% of the population own the cryptocurrency, in Ukraine - 12,73% of the population, in Russia - 11,91%, in Belarus - 3,73%.

Between 2012 and 2021, the price of bitcoin increased by over 540000%. Bitcoin reached an annual growth rate of 274% in 2020 and the cryptocurrency market is projected to grow at an average annual growth rate of 56,4% from 2019 to 2025.

The number of transactions paid for with cryptocurrency on e-commerce sites is increasing annually by 12,5%. Sellers who accept cryptocurrency payments showed an average return on investment of 327%.

Cryptocurrency adoption protects luxury brands from the risk of counterfeiting and gray markets.

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